Stevi Hillman


Event: Barrel Racing

Career Highlights:

2016 “Best of the Northwest” Champion – Winning Pendleton, Walla Walla, Kennewick & Lewiston rodeos

Currently #2 in the WPRA World Standings

2016 Reno rodeo barrel racing champion

2017 Fiesta De Los Vaqueros – Tucson, AZ barrel racing champion

Stevi's Favorite Rock and Roll Cowgirl Styles:

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Finding Certainty in the Chaos  - The Life of Stevi Hillman


Stevi Hillman, professional women’s barrel racer, was raised in Orday, Colorado. She spent her childhood looking up to barrel racers like Rachael Myllymaki Boyle and would ride any horse she could get her hands on. She made her own barrel horses from old ranch horses, truly taking fate into her own hands. She then took the little bit of money she had, her flatbed truck, a two-horse trailer and she began pursuing her passion by moving to Texas. Even then, she never dreamed of the success that she would later encounter through hard work and persistence. Now she is one of the top barrel racers in the world and is living her dream life, constantly inspired by her devotion to her faith and her strong relationship with her husband.

steviandty 2

Stevie and Ty Hillman’s Life Rodeoin’ and on the Road


Stevi and Ty Hillman met at Weatherford college in a moment they never forget.

“She fell head over heels the moment she saw me,” Ty joked.

“No, it was my red flatbed Dodge that made you fall in love with me,” she poked right back.

12 years later, her husband and trainer of 9 years is her rock and other half.

“I’m spoiled to have him”, Stevi laughed, “I don’t know how I used to do this by myself!”

Traveling from rodeo to rodeo and preparing to make record breaking runs takes a toll on a girl but Ty always has Stevi’s back in what we see as a rodeo fairy tale romance.

“We don’t even have to say a word to each other,” she gushed when discussing their rodeo preparation routine.

Stevi swooned over her husband’s support, his healthy cooking skills, and the encouraging love notes he writes her daily.

“I never forget or underestimate the small stuff he does,” she said, giggling.

And just as Stevi had convinced us that Ty was essentially the perfect husband, Ty popped in and decided to showcase his other side, his pride in being Stevi’s mental trainer.

“I want to help her, she’s my wife. And of course, I want her to be happy. But I also want her to do as well as she can. As a trainer, I have to help her mentally prepare… because this is an industry of variables. Nothing is ever the same, the arena, the ground set up…nothing. The only thing that can help her, or anyone, get into the zone and a routine is creating as much certainty as possible in an environment that is full of variables.”

Ty went on to talk about the importance of their health on the road, which includes a heavy focus on eating healthily, and maintaining the health of their horses.

“Everything is about preparation. You can’t magically beat the top 15 in the world. All of our success revolves around what we do before we even get in the arena.”

Stevi Hillman and Truck

Stevi and her horse, Truck, in Bluffdale, TX


Maintaining a consistent schedule, training tirelessly, and listening to pump up jams were just a few of the many things the couple sighted as things they do to prepare for each rodeo.

“I always have to be the one to put the boots on my horse, Stevi laughed. “My life motto is to just keep Truck happy.”

“My motto is to keep Truck and Stevi happy!”, Ty chimed in with a throaty laugh.

When their preparation comes to fruition and its finally rodeo day, Stevi enters a brand-new mindset. Before her runs, Stevi said she often feels scatterbrained and anxious. But through that, she remains sharp, poised, and comfortable in her Rock and Roll Cowgirl Riding Jeans.

“I don’t get nervous, that’s not the feeling. But I have a system. I have to remove myself from the crowd and give myself time to be peaceful and quiet. I like to just spend time with my horse and be ready and relaxed.”


Life's a Rodeo

Faith, Love, and Remembering What Matters


The couple manages to find a healthy balance between husband/wife and trainer/trainee by maintaining positive attitudes and never neglecting the profound love they have for each other. Something else they never lose sight of is their faith.

“Instead of just talking about our faith, we have exercised it,” Ty said, “We are doing what we are supposed to do. We don’t always know how this is going to work out but we have faith it will.”

For Stevi, that is what it is about.

“Winning is nice but that isn’t our purpose for doing this.”

She went on to tell the story she quotes as her most inspiring and fulfilling moment since beginning her career.

“I hadn’t been doing as well as I hoped at the 2017 San Antonio Rodeo. I wasn’t mad but I was disappointed, I wanted to do well. So I was in my stall with Truck and this little girl and her mom walked by. Eventually her mom came back and said, “My daughter absolutely adores you. Can we get a picture?”

Of course I was all muddy! My favorite Rock and Roll Cowgirl Trouser jeans were covered in dust and muck. Plus, being the center of attention has never been what I’m good at but I took the picture with her. And then came two of her friends who wanted their picture taken! It was crazy because they were in awe of me. They just looked at me like they truly loved me. It changed my attitude that day because it made me realize that the money is not everything, those little girls were why I was there. God humbled me in that moment and brought me back to the place I needed to be to remember that I was there to be a light to people. I had been so focused on the money and obsessed with the rodeo. In that moment, I needed that little girl much more than she needed a picture with me.”

Stevi went on to talk about the inspiration she wanted to be to young girls, both in and out of the rodeo industry. Her words of wisdom and advice rang true for all ages saying,

“Always be you. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Follow your dreams. Never quit and always push for what you want in life. Again, always be you.”



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