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Fun Facts about Dale Brisby:

Biggest Pet Peeve: “When people wear a cap backward with sunglasses on. I don’t get it. Either turn the cap around or take the sunglasses off!”

Favorite Childhood Memory: “Cowboying with my dad.”

Dream Two Step Partner: “Definitely Fallon Taylor.”

Three Words He Uses to Describe Himself: “Legendary, handsome and humble.”

Favorite piece of clothing: “Starched Re-flex Denim. They are so comfortable. There is really nothing like starched reflex denim. I can look sharp and do absolutely anything. I even work out in them! I do everything in them.”

Bucket list item: “Noodling! It is when you get down in waist deep water and you run your hands down into a hole and there are huge catfish in there. The catfish try to eat your arm! So they grab onto it and you pull them out. They are so huge, 30 or 40 pounds.”

If the World Was Ending: “I just would buy a bigger rodeo van so that I could fit more of my friends in it and we could just go rodeo together. Get into trouble, wearing reflex denim every day.”

His Legacy: “I hope that when people think of me, they always smile.”

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More about Dale Brisby:


Dale Brisby is a man known by many and for many things. He is a legendary bull rider and even more notably, a legendary snap-chatter. Putting smiles on faces and laughter in people’s days, Dale is committed to spreading happiness while showcasing his fun and interesting lifestyle. On any given day, Dale can be found ranching, rodeoing and almost certainly, videoing. And while his life is full of spontaneity and adventure, what he loves most about the western lifestyle is, unsurprisingly, the people. “It’s like a big family. It doesn’t take long for a newcomer to fit in. Whether it is the guys you are herding cows with or your fellow contestants in the rodeo, those are the people that make everything so worthwhile.”


Dale surrounds himself with fun and inspiring people to ensure he is always videoing the most smile-worthy content. “When Leroy, Randy, and I all get together… it’s like we are little kids again! We are always coming up with crazy ideas, fun moments. The sky is the limit! That’s what makes it really entertaining for other people to watch! Fun is contagious. If we are having fun, then someone else is going to have fun and smile too.” Fun is one of many ways to describe Dale’s lifestyle. But, rooted in his passion for entertaining is the love and respect he has for his faith. “I think the Lord has set me on a path. He put a lot of people in place to get me to where I am today.  He has been the one to give me a lot of the experiences I have had in my life. I couldn’t have planned all of this ten or fifteen years ago. But everything just happened to come together and it’s made for a really fun ride.” Whether it be a horse or a rodeo van, Dale always rides comfortably in Rock and Roll Denim’s breezy and eye-catching snap shirts and ReFlex denim jeans. Dale relies on Rock and Roll Denim so he can look and feel great in all of his adventures.


And while Dale feels successful in his ranching, rodeoing, and videoing adventures, he never forgets to give credit to what brought him to where he is today. “I just thank the Lord every day that I get to do what I do with the people that I get to do it with. It is hard work! We work hard every day. I get up early and go to bed late but being able to be around, Randy, Leroy, and my rodeo friends… that is what makes it all so fun. I am so grateful for these people. And of course, the influence I have. There is so much negativity on the internet and in the world. We like to be a light in a dark world. We are constantly having a good time and encouraging each other. Sure, we have bad days but that’s when we pick each other up. We just try to have fun and bring value to people with each video we do.” Other than spreading light to people’s lives, there definitely are some perks to being widely known and adored in the western industry. Dale shared a story about when he was pulled over by a state trooper and escaped a speeding ticket because the trooper recognized Dale and started quoting his favorite videos! The trooper even admitted to buying a pair of Rock and Roll Denim’s ReFlex denim because of how much Dale loves them.  But, Dale still cites bringing joy and seeing the impact he brings to people’s lives as what is most rewarding about his job. “This is my dream. Making people laugh and rodeoing… I can’t think of a better life.” When we asked Dale what advice he would give his fans his answer was poignant and applicable, “keep it simple and have fun. And be patient. Because God’s timing is perfect.”

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